Phoenix Fashion Accessories specializes in a complete range manufacturing operation of jewelry and accessories since 2003, Located in Chang An, Dong Guan China. We have long been involved in a wide range of both classic and fashion design and production, with over 10 years of solid experience we know the dynamic market and committed to be your most valuable partner to provide the right product at right price within the right timing.
      We have advance equipment of high temperature furnace, Dewaxing furnace, Blister machine, Plaster vacuum machine, Automatic grinding machine, Polishing machine, Automatic wax injection machine and mold press machine, Our experienced staffs together with the well equipped facility bring quality good and flexible deliveries. Tell us what you want to make we have ability to provide exclusive design and also protection all the designs only for your own. Contact us now and feel the "better", "Quicker" " Cheaper" service that strive to improve each day.